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Getting your child down to studying...

In a normal World, there would be time to present parents with a number of different techniques that they could use to help them get their child down to study.

But these are hardly 'normal times'. So, over this page, we will spell out one method parents can use to get their child working quickly and effectively. We don't mean to say this is the best method. Tooled up parents will know exactly what to do. For the rest of us, here's a method we can use effectively...

1. Get your child organised

No need to spend money buying new folders. Use what can be found around the home. 

1. Place the subject dividers in the folder and organise according to the subjects your child does:

KS3 Subjects: English - Maths - Science - Geography - History - Arabic - Art - Islamic Studies - Computer Science - PSHE - Theme of the Week - Literature

KS4 Subjects: English Language - Maths - Chemistry - Biology - Physics - Arabic - Religious Studies - Art - Islamic Studies - Computer Science - PSHE - Theme of the Week - Literature

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Why not add other subjects which you would like your child to learn? How about Home Economics or Psychology? Or how about Mental Health?

2. Routines! Keep your child on the school day.

Teens need routines. So do you! We highly recommend you have your child follow the school timetable at home. You can add or takeaway whatever you'd like to. But keeping them in a routine will help to keep your child less likely to become bored & irritable. (although a bit of boredom is not always a bad thing). Mobile Phones must, repeat, must be taken away until the end of the day. Don't relax this rule. Ever!

Example Routine (Reflecting the School Routine)

9- 9:40am :           Quraan (See Home Page for current Surah)
9:40-10:40am:      1st Lesson (see your child's timetable)
10:40-11:00am:     Break
11:00-12:00pm:     2nd Lesson
12:00-1:00pm:      3rd Lesson
1:00-2:00pm:        Lunch & Salaah
2:00-3:00pm:       4th Lesson
3:00-4:00pm:       5th Lesson

*All the lessons are on the Pupil Portal

3. The theme of the Week


Every week the school publishes a new theme. Your child should explore the theme and prepare a presentation for you by Thursday.

Your child could present his / her research as a Powerpoint Presentation and include key information; an Islamic Perspective; Video; Drama and or Poetry. Your child could do this with his / her siblings.

The Theme is on the Home Page.

4. Literature & Reading

Every week, your child should read at least one book. This should be a book which is accessible but challenging. Either have your child write a review of the book or give you a verbal review. Explore the books' themes.

Your child will run out of paper books. Join your local libraries online service. They have 1000s of books online. Audible are making 100s of books free for download.

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5. Your child has a World of Opportunities online

There are many excellent websites for teenagers to be guided and to learn more than they could ever want. BBC Bitsize is an excellent revision site. There are many more. Visit the LINKS section for the schools sites and also many excellent others. 

Have your child explore something they might not otherwise.