Full Re-Opening of School 3rd September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and firm Imaan.

Government Announcement: All Pupils to Return to School on the 3rd September 2020.

You may have heard the announcement that all Schools in England will be re-opening , on Thursday 3rd of September. (Should the conditions continue to be be safe). This decision has been taken by the government on the advice of its scientific and medical experts.

This means, all pupils must return to school. Parents no longer have the option of keeping their child at home. The UK Government says that parents who fail to return their children to schools, could face sanctions.

We are very excited that we will be re-opening to all our pupils. We have missed them. We want to meet them all again soon.

Our priorities are:

1. Ensuring a happy return to School. We know the experience of every child over lockdown has been different, and that some pupils and parents may be worried about work that has been missed over this period. Please do not allow your child to spend time worrying about this, or spend time worrying about it yourselves. At Al Risalah, teachers are used to helping their students catch up with any work which has been missed and we will do our job and get students up to speed quickly.

2. Protecting and restoring the mental health of pupils. The past few months have been stressful and turbulent for everyone. But a return to a normal routine will be beneficial in terms of advancing the wellbeing of children, as will face to face contact with their friends and teachers.

All our staff whether they are teachers or not, have been given training in how to help children who have additional mental health needs once they return.

We do need your help: If your child has been adversely affected by COVID 19 - perhaps because of a change in family life, someone has been particularly unwell or a bereavement - please let us know. If we have this information, then we can be sure to provide the additional help and support that your son or daughter needs.

3. Ensuring a safe and hygienic school environment for pupils, staff and parents. We will be putting in place all the protective measures which the government has told schools to implement. This includes: the frequent cleaning of classrooms and equipment; easy access to bathrooms and hand washing facilities and more.


What can I encourage my child to do during the Summer Break?

The Pupil Portal: will stay accessible over the entire break. If your child has completed all their work, they can start completing the next years Online Lessons. Meaning, if your child is in Year 9, they can start on the Year 10 lessons.

Highly Recommended: The Oak National Academy is a fully funded FREE Online School, set up and funded by the Department for Education. Have your child complete all the lessons, for the subjects which are available in their current year group. Then, give your child a good head start by having them complete their next years work. Here is the LINK you need, CLICK HERE!

Parents Portal Links: There are many links available on the Parent Portal. Some of links are no longer free. But many are. Explore.


Parents are reminded that we will be in further contact with you to confirm all these details on the 27th August 2020.

In the meantime, please continue to stay safe.

From myself and all my colleagues

Wasalaam and Duas

Suhayl Lee

Exec. Principal