So much learning, so many choices

It can be completely overwhelming for both children and parents when choosing what to study online, after all the teacher set work has been completed. There's just so much on offer. Here's a bit of help to see you through the World of online learning:

First; The Holy Month of Ramadan is the month to increase reading of the Quraan. Each week, we display (on our Front Page) which Surah to begin from. But, quite obviously children and parents will want to do far more Quraan. Then, all work set by the Islamic Studies Department should be completed.

Second; ensure all the set work, in the Pupil Portal, has been completed. This is because teachers are ensuring that children are completing the National Curriculum programs of study in their subjects.

Third; now - we are getting into choice time! For more National Curriculum work, (and why not take advantage and get your child ahead of the game?!), head over to BBC Bitesize and the Oak National Academy (See the 'Links' and 'Resources' sections) for live lessons which are updated on a weekly basis. The BBC have got David Attenborough teaching Geography!

Away from the National Curriculum and extending learning with really challenging and interesting work, is Future Learn. Future Learn have partnered with a number of universities and produced 100s of free courses for young people aged 13+ to engage with. These courses will challenge your child and expand their thinking. There's a 6 week course on using Python - from elementary level. Or how about a course all about spies! Can you keep a secret? Then there's poetry, chemistry and maths. So much on offer. It's recommended that a child chooses only two courses as they require a few hours work each week.

After all that; your child might be forgiven for kicking back and having fun using all the educational links in the 'Resources' section of the Parents Portal - How about 44 fab science experiments or even checking out what the penguins are up to, right now, in Edinburgh Zoo!

Whatever, you choose to do - do it well and enjoy your learning!