Looking after your child's Mental Health

There's no doubt, this is a very worrying time for all of us. And, whilst parents will be concerned that they need to ensure their child is completing their set work each day; it is very important parents consider the mental health of their child. Teenagers worry and have anxiety about a lot of things. This is normal. However, it's important that we speak to our children often about what is happening in the World regarding Covid 19. If we as parents don't, then it's very likely, our teens will speak to friends or seek information online. So, our advice is not to shield your child from the news, but to talk about it with your child. You could start by asking them what they have heard. Try to reassure your child that we must try and remain calm. It's unlikely that your child will become seriously ill, but reassure them that you will look after them if they do become ill. Give practical tips on how they must wash their hands and remind them when they are doing it. Keep routines strong and manage your child's online activities. Be aware that your child may want to be closer to you during this time and will be anxious about separation from parents. Spend as much time doing positive activities with your child: reading; playing; drawing and painting. Take part in indoor exercise together. We have added a Parent Resources page to the site. There we will place some resources parents can use straight away regards mental health. But, it's important to remember, in order to look after your child's mental health - parents need to first ensure they are looking after their own.