Parents as Teachers

First and most importantly, we don't expect parents to be teachers. To be a qualified teacher takes a degree and 2 years of training - and - this is 'initial' teacher training. It takes years of hard work and constant professional development to get to a stage in which a person is considered to be an 'excellent' teacher. So, no, parents aren't expected to be teachers. We provide lessons online each day - have your child complete them the best they can. That's all we expect. We know that not all families have iPads and laptops available for each member of the family. There are many opportunities for other kinds of learning as well. In our 'Resources' Section, we have put some links to these 'other' activities. They are wide ranging - this is a good time for your child to learn the basics of how to cook (if they can't already) - the BBC's 25 Kitchen Essentials is a good place to start. There are 44 science and engineering challenges set by James Dyson (that will keep any teen busy for a couple of days). Otherwise, there are free books to download; virtual museums to visit and more.